CVS access to 'AG' (fwd)

Justin Binns binns at
Mon Feb 24 16:18:11 CST 2003

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Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 13:16:49 -0800
From: Randy Groves <randy.groves at>
To: Justin Binns <binns at>
Subject: CVS access to 'AG'

Don't know if it's broken on your end or mine, but when I try to do a CVS 
update into a blank directory of 'AG', I get the following:

  wintermute [1:03pm]: 61 # cvs co AG
cvs server: Updating AG
U AG/VideoService.idl
Terminated with fatal signal 9

I'm guessing that the culprit might be a very large ag-linux-dep.tgz file, 
since an earlier set of directories from an earlier instantiation 
(ag-linux-dep on it's own, I think) is upwards of 300MB.  I also got an 
error in the same place that did refer to this file, but I don't have the text.

It's probably not an issue if nothing has changed in this tree recently.  I 
was interested in looking at the VV code if there were any updates.  I was 
able to get directly to some of the subdirectories (VV, ag-src, 
ag-linux-dep, etc.) earlier this month.



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