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I would still like to try and have a cut at the slide set by Friday, though
I understand the advanced section in the afternoon will be the harder set of
slides to get done. I think burning some CD's of the current release would
be nice to hand out, we currently have 10 people signed up. So if we burn 20
disks we would be in good shape.

My thoughts are that we will have a web page in place where folks can get
slides and sample code. Justin has been cleaning up some of the application
code examples for that very reason.


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First some goals:

We'll try to have the easy slides done by Friday, but there's some
engineering time we really need to get before we can cut this weeks alpha
(we need the transitional server in place -- the fixes for that to happen,
and we need the default client profile to default to the transitional server
lobby :-).

These are a major priority, but the only things competing with our slide
goal of Friday.

I plan on it taking a chunk of next week (2-3 days) to get the final slide
set and examples working; which perhaps we can incorporate into next weeks
alpha (if they're working) so the code is available to developers.

We'd like to bring a snapshot of the AG software with us and make it
avialable during the tutorial for people to follow along -- this might work
really nicely.


My notes from todays meeting:

> >-Introduction to the Access Grid (0.4 hour) : overview of
> the goals of
> >the Access Grid (AG) project
> stock slides..

Right, some from SC02 some new to fill in holes.
> >-Introduction to AG 2.0 (1 hour) : introduces the changes to the AG
> >environment from v1.0 - v2.0
> ivan ag2 slides?

Yeah, same SC02 slides, plus new ones to fill in the holes.

I'll work on these tomorrow; try to have them done by lunch so we can push
on the other interesting stuff.
> >-Introduction to AG 2.0 Technical Infrastructure (0.6 hour) : quick
> >overview of underlying technology used in AG 2.0, this 
> includes Globus
> >(in particular pyGlobus, GASS and security), SOAP, and python. This
> >will include motivation on technology choices.
> Topics to cover briefly here:
> Globus overview
> PKI overview
> Practical security issues
> Python
> pyGlobus

Bob said he'd take a stab at these. We're not shooting for a specific number
of slides or time slot; we can edit to fit time later. We want to cover the
topic sufficiently.

> >-Overview of Core AG 2.0 Toolkit (2 hours) : covering AG 2.0 Node
> >Management, introduces the current state of AG 2.0 node 
> management and
> >plans for the next year; and AG 2.0 Virtual Venue, introduces the
> >current state of AG 2.0 virtual venue and plans for the next year
> I'd start with the venue client:
> Venue client
>          Starting
>          Common operations
>                  Navigating
>                  Starting / stopping media
>                  Files
>          quitting
> Node management
> <Does this include setup?>
>          Configuration
>          Manipulating audio
>          Manipulating video
> Venue servers
>          Configuration
>          Starting
>          Maintenance
> Upcoming plans

Tom will take a stab at this. He can take some slides from the SC02

> >Afternoon Session
> >
> >-Installation and Operation of AG 2.0 (1.5 hours) : includes
> installing
> >Venue Server and setup of software for nodes (Full node and PIG)
> Is this any more than a screenshot runthrough of the software
> install? 1.5 
> hours seems a lot for that.

Ti is on this. We discussed (without him there -- ) that we could walk
through a single machine (windows and/or linux) install (something like a
2.0 pig, if we must say that), and a multiple machine config (ti's laptop
running linux, one of ours running windows) to show how installation and
configuration is done.

> >-Advanced of Core AG 2.0 Toolkit (2 hours) : examples of how
> to extend
> >the AG core
> Not sure what you mean by extensions of the core; is this
> adding services, 
> or new features to the core itself.

This is where Tom, Bob and I will spend some significant effort. We're going
to do a walkthrough of how to build two types of collaborative applications,
and walk through how to build a node service.  The collaborative
applications are collaborative web browsing (a stateless example) and
collaborative powerpoint (a stateful example).

We'll be capturing our progress in documents that will also serve as further
refinement on the 2.0 design.

> >-Advanced Application Development (1 hour) : walk through of
> >application development on top of AG 2.0
> Does this mean adding services?

We're all eagerly anticipating Mike's slides to see what he's going to say


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