Robert Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Feb 19 14:06:39 CST 2003

Random notes on the outline

>-Introduction to the Access Grid (0.4 hour) : overview of the goals of the
>Access Grid (AG) project

stock slides..

>-Introduction to AG 2.0 (1 hour) : introduces the changes to the AG
>environment from v1.0 - v2.0

ivan ag2 slides?

>-Introduction to AG 2.0 Technical Infrastructure (0.6 hour) : quick overview
>of underlying technology
>used in AG 2.0, this includes Globus (in particular pyGlobus, GASS and
>security), SOAP, and python. This will include motivation on technology

Topics to cover briefly here:

Globus overview
PKI overview
Practical security issues

>-Overview of Core AG 2.0 Toolkit (2 hours) : covering AG 2.0 Node
>Management, introduces the current state of AG 2.0 node management and plans
>for the next year; and AG 2.0 Virtual Venue, introduces the current state of
>AG 2.0 virtual venue and plans for the next year

I'd start with the venue client:

Venue client
         Common operations
                 Starting / stopping media

Node management
<Does this include setup?>
         Manipulating audio
         Manipulating video

Venue servers

Upcoming plans

>Afternoon Session
>-Installation and Operation of AG 2.0 (1.5 hours) : includes installing
>Venue Server and setup of software for nodes (Full node and PIG)

Is this any more than a screenshot runthrough of the software install? 1.5 
hours seems a lot for that.

>-Advanced of Core AG 2.0 Toolkit (2 hours) : examples of how to extend the
>AG core

Not sure what you mean by extensions of the core; is this adding services, 
or new features to the core itself.

>-Advanced Application Development (1 hour) : walk through of application
>development on top of AG 2.0

Does this mean adding services? 

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