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Hello Everybody
I'm from Brisbane, Australia. I have just joined this mailing list
This will be the first time when there will be a representation in the GGF
from Australia. 
Its unfortunate that we were not part of GGF till this year but there have
been some significant work going on all aspects of Grid in Australia.
Due to the geographical conditions of Australia, Access Grid is recognized
to be of great importance.
We established few access grid nodes last year and this year we have plans
to increase the numbers to 2 or 3 times! We also have plans to establish a
3D access grid in the coming months.
Could someone (Dr Jason?)  give me more information about this GGF template
thats been in the discussion? This would be my pleasure if i could
contribute on few things.  
Best Regards
> Hi
> For those who are contributing the the GGF template, please
> completely fill this out and email it to me by Feb 25. This will
> give me and Mike time to look over them and post to the ACE web
> site for all the download ahead of time.
> Also we are planning to shorten our AG meeting at GGF and move
> the meeting time so that we go for an hour and a half and just
> present our templates rather than debate about them. This is also
> to accommodate Mary Spada who needs to hold her AG meeting
> earlier.
> The new ACE AG meeting time is:
> Mar 6 - 10am Tokyo, 7pm Chicago, 8pm DC, 5pm California.
> Jason
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> Jason Leigh, PhD
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