2.0-alpha-2 Announcement *Draft*

Ti Leggett leggett at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Feb 14 18:20:27 CST 2003

Below is what I'm sending out in the next 10-15 mins unless someone
pipes up quick :)

The Access Grid Toolkit v.2.0-alpha-2 is available for download.

Components that have been updated since 02/04/2003:
gpt (linux only)
globus (windows and linux)
pyGlobus (windows and linux)

New Components since 02/04/2003:
The Access Grid Toolkit (windows and linux)

Known Issues:
- The services list may not update after adding a service.(Bug 53)
  Workaround: Click on View/Update and then on then rechoosing the host
refreshes this list 
- No services are found. (linux only) (Bug 49)
  Workaround: Start AGNodeService.py from /usr/share/AccessGrid
- VideoProducerService fails to find a configured device. (linux only)
(Bug 58)
  Workaround: Run SetupVideo.py from /usr/share/AccessGrid and start
AGServiceManager.py from /usr/share/AccessGrid.
- Loading a config fails with "No such file or directory". (linux only)
(Bug 54)

Media Tools
- vic starts with wrong ttl (Bug 51)

Venue Server
- Enter venue fails. (Bug 21)
- Address already in use error. (Bug 22)
- Starting 2 venues on 2 different ports fails. (Bug 28)
- No static addressing. (Bug 44)
- A shutdown on a restarted venue fails. (Bug 59)

Reporting Bugs:
To report any bugs or feature requests, please use our bugzilla server
at http://bugzilla.mcs.anl.gov/accessgrid

Getting the Software:
To download the software go to
http://www.mcs.anl.gov/fl/research/accessgrid/software and follow the
instructions there.

Ti Leggett <leggett at mcs.anl.gov>

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