Software paths

Ivan R. Judson judson at
Fri Feb 7 08:37:44 CST 2003


I'd also like you to take a stab at writing the INSTALL file. I've udpated
the README so that should be all set (or almost all set, I have a few more
sentences to write).


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> Hey Ti,
> I changed my mind. I've created a 2.0-alpha2 (yes we skipped 
> alpha1) for you to put software in for todays snapshot. 
> Hopefully from now on we'll increment without skipping, until 
> beta, then we'll start with Beta1 not Beta0 :-)
> Can you move stuff from alpha0 to alpha2 and let me know when 
> that's done? I want to get the pages sane before we announce 
> this stuff.
> --Ivan

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