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Tue Feb 4 15:32:49 CST 2003

This site has cool icons but I would like you to comment on the copyright 
before I add anything.  Also, please note that I have attached an html
file as well....


Are these sets free?
IronDevil's icons are all freeware.
But these icons may not be used for any commercial purposes.
They are just for personal use.
Is it OK to give the sets to my friends?
No problem.
When giving them, please add the readmes and the mail address.

"Little-Icon-People" is a small collection of icons. They are saved as
ResEdit Resource files with custom icons (visible in Finder).
"Little-Icon-People" are "Be-A-Friend-Ware".  If you like my icons, call a
really good friend and tell him how much you like him and drop me a line
what he have said.
If you want to include my Icons to a larger collection or a CD-ROM, don't
forget to put this
ReadMe with them.
David Renelt - Maction HyperMedia
eMail:  David.Renelt at munich.netsurf.de
        maction at chatworks.de
        maction at mail.tnet.de
Compuserve: 100736,3276
SnailMail : Am Wildwechsel 11   /  82031 Gruenwald   /   Germany

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