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Robert Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Feb 3 08:53:06 CST 2003

seems potentially useful.

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>There is a new version of the Detective which has bug fixes and additional 
>functionality. You can download the new version from here:
>         http://detective.internet2.edu
>         1. at the moment, it works only under MS Windows
>         2. if you're currently running the Detective,
>                 uninstall the old version before
>                 installing the new version
>         3. send any comments, complaints, or suggestions to
>                 detective at internet2.edu
>The main new feature is a pretty simple a GUI to will allow you to test 
>(using NLANR's IPerf underneath) the network connection between any two
>machines that have this version of the Detective running. As before, you
>can test by yourself to see if you are Abilene connected, can receive
>multicast, and do some basic bandwidth testing.
>You'll recall that the goals are the Internet2 Detective project are:
>1) to provide "desktop awareness" that folks are using or can access 
>Internet2 infrastructure
>2) provide a tool the helps users communicate to network engineers about 
>performance problems in a helpful way.
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