I wonder how this performs...

Ivan R. Judson judson at mcs.anl.gov
Sun Feb 2 23:03:06 CST 2003

>From pythons docs on module audioop:

The find*() routines might look a bit funny at first sight. They are
primarily meant to do echo cancellation. A reasonably fast way to do this is
to pick the most energetic piece of the output sample, locate that in the
input sample and subtract the whole output sample from the input sample: 

def echocancel(outputdata, inputdata):
    pos = audioop.findmax(outputdata, 800)    # one tenth second
    out_test = outputdata[pos*2:]
    in_test = inputdata[pos*2:]
    ipos, factor = audioop.findfit(in_test, out_test)
    # Optional (for better cancellation):
    # factor = audioop.findfactor(in_test[ipos*2:ipos*2+len(out_test)], 
    #              out_test)
    prefill = '\0'*(pos+ipos)*2
    postfill = '\0'*(len(inputdata)-len(prefill)-len(outputdata))
    outputdata = prefill + audioop.mul(outputdata,2,-factor) + postfill
    return audioop.add(inputdata, outputdata, 2)

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