Access Grid 3.2 available

Thomas Uram turam at
Wed Sep 1 12:59:31 CDT 2010

The Access Grid 3.2 software is available for download at:

This is a minor release of the Access Grid software to introduce new functionality and address known bugs.

	• Configures automatically at first run, including cameras on local machine 
         (i.e., new users will send video by default)
	• Improved bridge testing. Tests ability of local machine to receive data from bridges
	• Switches from multicast to unicast at startup, based on multicast detection
	• Supports authenticating HTTP proxies, allowing users in these environments to,
         for example, retrieve bridge lists and request/retrieve certificates.
	• Supports entry of Venue by name to improve navigation (Ctrl-O or Command-O)
	• MacOS audio (RAT) has markedly improved (Thanks to Audun Vaaler!)

For full information on this release, including a complete listing of the bugs fixed, see the official release page.

As always, user feedback is welcome. Please file feature requests and bug reports via the Access Grid Bugzilla page at

Thanks to everyone involved for their hard work.

The Access Grid Developers

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