Access Grid 3.0.2 Release Available

Thomas D. Uram turam at
Tue Aug 8 11:28:21 CDT 2006

The Access Grid 3.0.2 software is available for download at:

This is a minor release of the Access Grid software to address
known bugs and introduce some enhancements.  Of particular
interest to users are the fixes to SharedPresentation and to
the bridging support, and the new node configuration menu.
People running Bridges are encouraged to upgrade.

3.0.2 changes (since 3.0.1)

     * Support for multi-headed capture under Windows
     * Fixed: Multicast/Unicast changes can cause multiple
       beacon clients to run
     * Included QuickBridge.exe in Windows package
     * Updated vic to match source port to destination port
     * Allow addition to MyVenues list from Navigation panel

     * Bug 1467:  RAT ui fails to appear on some machines
     * Bug 1471:  AG3 Bridge problems
     * Bug 1489:  Bridge menu state not correct
     * Bug 1494/1495:  Eliminate requirement
     * Bug 1500:  Switching between multicast/unicast does
       not restart media tools
     * Bug 1502:  Add tooltips to toolbar buttons
     * Bug 1510:  wxpython shared apps fail to start (OSX)
     * Bug 1517:  Clients send heartbeat to bounced server
     * Bug 1518:  Failure to launch mime-type associated
       pplications from venue client (Windows)
     * Bug 1525:  Venue Server code isn't 64bit clean
     * Bug 1529:  Cannot see available bridges (stop using ping)
     * Bug 1530:  Multicast/unicast setting does not follow as
       venue changes
     * Bug 1531:  SharedPresentation slides don't transition
     * Bug 1532:  VIC sets REUSEADDR incorrectly
     * Bug 1539:  Bridges responding with unusable ports
     * Bug 1540:  Need UI update when adding person to role
     * Bug 1542:  enh: Add node configuration menu in venueclient

For full information on this release, and a complete listing
of the bugs fixed, see the official release page.  For a tour
of AG3 functionality, refer to the testing tips at

As always, user feedback is welcome. Please file feature requests,
bug reports, and enhancement requests via the Access Grid Bugzilla
page at

Thanks to everyone involved for their hard work.

The AG Developers

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