Access Grid Townhall Reminder - April 5

Thomas D. Uram turam at
Thu Mar 31 15:15:58 CST 2005

The April Townhall is scheduled for Tuesday, April 5, at 10:00AM CDT
(15:00 UTC).  It will be held in the Argonne National Laboratory venue on the 
institutional venue server (Go to, then 
Government Institutions Lobby, then Argonne National Lab).

April 5, 2005
Invited Speaker: David Konerding, LBL
"ViCE- A Collaborative Visual Workflow Environment.  ViCE enables scientists to build 
their workflows graphically and monitor their execution collaboratively.  ViCE's workflow 
execution engine manages stateful interactions between web and grid services which form 
the workflow units.  ViCE works with PythonCLServiceTool, a toolkit to encapsulate 
existing legacy command-line codes in Grid Service wrappers.  ViCE will leverage the 
Access Grid toolkit to add rich collaborative features such as presence monitoring, error 
compensation, and data sharing."

We'll also have a short presentation on SCGlobal 2005 from Julie Mullen, Worcester 
Polytechnic Institute.

There will be a second session held for those in the Asia-Pacific region, at
6:01PM CDT (23:01 UTC).  Of course, anyone is welcome to attend this
session, if it's more agreeable with their schedules.

ANL will be running bridges in the Argonne venue for this meeting.

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