Mac OSX AGTk 2.3 with Media Tools Release

Eric Olson eolson at
Mon Feb 7 16:27:42 CST 2005

The Access Grid Toolkit 2.3 for Mac OSX with media tools is available for 
download at:
 (Press the reload button in your browser if you've been there recently.)

This release includes audio and video tools, which were not available in 
the Developer's Preview release.  It also fixes a few issues that the 
preview release had on the Mac platform.

Since this is the first release with media tools on the Mac, there 
are remaining issues that will be addressed in future releases.
Please be aware of the following:

* An iSight camera is needed to send video.
* You must set built-in audio as your default audio device.
  Audio from the iSight and other Firewire or USB microphones does not 
  work yet.
  On a G5 Power Mac, a powered microphone is required to send audio -- the 
  line-in port does not work with standard computer microphones.
* Encrypted venues are not yet supported.
* Some actions take a long time such as changing venues.
* If you had previously installed the preview release and your VenueClient 
  from the new release has difficulty starting, removing the ".AccessGrid" 
  folder in your home directory should help.  It can be removed by doing 
  a "File->Find" in the Finder, searching for invisible files, and moving 
  it to the trash.

If you find any problems not listed here, please submit an error report 
either from the VenueClient's help menu or directly through bugzilla at: 

We'd also like to thank everyone outside Argonne who helped with testing 
for this release:
Andrew Swan
Brian Corrie
Chris Willing
Colin Perkins
David Mcnabb
Eric Peterson
Ian Kaufman
Jason Bell
Jeremiah Dabney
Markus Buchhorn
Paul Mercer
Rhys Hawkins


The AG Developers

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